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Catalina delivers superior energy
                                                                          efficiency and much more.

                                                                          Through research and development, we’ve developed our own Patent
                                                                          HeatFlow Technology that captures and recycles the heat from natural friction
                                                                          created when water passes through operating spa components. This process
                                                                          automatically increases water temperature up to three degrees every hour or
                                                                          one degree every 20 minutes if your unit is in use or operating at high speed.
                                                                          This distinctive technology is applied to all Catalina models and can reduce
                                                                          annual costs by as much as 12 percent.

                                                                          Catalina models can reduce

                                                                                      annual costs by as much as 12 percent.

                                                                          Other Efficiency Factors

                                                                          In addition, each unit’s pressurized filtration system automatically treats
                                                                          the unit’s water twice daily, injecting ozone, a natural purifying agent that
                                                                          eliminates contaminants and further reduces maintenance time and costs. Add
                                                                          our American-made, “locking-safety” cover – foam-insulated per your location’s
                                                                          climate – and achieve optimal heat retention and longevity for any Catalina
                                                                          swim-spa model.
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