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Water Exercise Makes Sense

                                                             Why is exercising in water better? Three factors play a role: water buoyancy, resistance,
                                                             and cooling effects. Together, these make exercising in water easier to accomplish,
                                                             much more beneficial, and less likely to result in stress or injury.

                                                                  •   Water buoyancy eliminates the normal pounding and jarring
                                                                    associated with aerobic movements.

                                                                  •   Water resistance – which is 12-14 times greater than on dry land –
                                                                    makes your workout more effective.
                                                                  •   Water also continuously cools the body, so there’s less chance of overheating.

                                                             Health and Wellness Benefits

                                                             Catalina’s jet systems are designed to give you an incredible massage for relieving
                                                             daily stress and improving your body’s natural healing processes. Having one of our
                                                             products in your own home or backyard places opportunities for exercise and amazing
                                                             therapeutic benefits right at your fingertips every day.

                                                             Medical research shows that water’s stress-free and supportive environment can
                                                             also help heal, recover, and rehabilitate. Doctors often recommend hydrotherapy for
                                                             managing health conditions, such as rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, diabetes, heart
                                                             disease, and conditions associated with osteoarthritis. Water-based exercise can also help
                                                             with chronic pain, recovery and rehabilitation, improving mental health, and keeping
                                                             older adults active and engaged.
                                                             Always discuss your physical condition and medical history with your doctor or physical
                                                             therapist before engaging in hydrotherapy.
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