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Proud to say: we’re American-made!

               Today, Catalina offers eight models of portable   parent company produces Catalina’s plumbing
               spas and 13 models of swim spas to customers.   parts and cabinetry using company-developed
               While most are stand-alone, some are        automated processes. Vigilant quality control
               constructed with both a swim spa and portable   and stringent post-production testing over
               spa (hot tub) dually constructed into single units.  many decades have resulted in superior
                                                           products, recognized worldwide for their
               All our products are “Made in the USA” – by   beauty, durability, and performance.
               one of the largest swim-spa manufacturers in
               the world. Based in the American South, the

               You control your Catalina – how it looks and what it does, literally.

               The spa molds that Catalina applies during   You also decide how you want your unit
               manufacturing are the same ones originally   installed – whether partially in-ground or
               designed by our founder Boyd Cargill, who   above-ground.
               claims to have used his own body to design his   Rest assured, we guide you through the process
               first units. While our 21 molds are at the core   so you acquire just the right swim or portable
               of Catalina’s superior construction, you get to   spa to fit your personal lifestyle, fitness and/or
               customize your spa by choosing from a wide   therapeutic needs.
               range of options that includes:
               •   Acrylic coatings, cabinet colors,
                and tile enhancements
               •   Jet systems, special water features,
                LED lighting
               •   Entertainment features (such as sound
                system and Wi-Fi connectivity)
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