Recliner Chair Swing

Design, elegance and style.

Now you can enjoy your yard in total comfort. This innovative swing features a reclining foot rest, a 1500 watt heater, LED Lights and a Multi Function Electronic Mosquito and Bug Deterrent that keeps bugs away up to 40’!

Best of all, it seats two!


Swing Size 7 x 7 x 7
Swing Weight 350 Lbs
Powder Coated Tubular Frame 3” dia.
Powder Coated Tubular Hangers 3” dia.
Textiline Chair Fabric
Acrylic Water Resistant Umbrella
1500 Watt 3 Stage Heater
Led Lights
4 Function Control
Electronic Mosquito and Bug Deterrent. Keeps bugs away up to 40’
“Recliner Chair Swing”
U.S.- Canada- China - Europe
U.S. Patent No. D677,914 S
Canada No. 145286
China No. ZL 201230278340.2
Europe No. 001323588